Rahim Hassanally proud to help educate aspiring new business owners

Rahim Hassanally

July 2, 2020

Entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally sets out on a new mission to educate a future generation of aspiring young business owners

After more than two decades in business, one Dallas entrepreneur is now committed to helping educate a brand-new generation of aspiring future business owners. A veteran of the industry, Dallas-based entrepreneur and philanthropist Rahim Hassanally explains more about his mission amid the ongoing global health crisis.

“Following more than 20 years in business, I’m now on a mission to provide free advice to a new generation of industrious young adults and aspiring entrepreneurs across the Dallas Metro,” explains Rahim Hassanally, speaking from his home in Texas.

Rahim Hassanally first announced his plans to help support business-minded young adults in the Dallas / Fort Worth area earlier this month.

It’s not the first time that entrepreneur and philanthropist Hassanally has offered advice on the topic, however. Recently, the successful entrepreneur has spoken at great length on topics ranging from the importance of entrepreneurial spirit in business to his philanthropy and charity work – a direct result of his own success.

Rahim Hassanally has also explored growing rates of entrepreneurship across the U.S. and has previously outlined more than a decade of personal and professional accolades during life in the fast lane. Hassanally even kicked off the New Year by sharing three tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, ahead of first announcing his plans to help more closely educate a new generation of aspiring young business owners several weeks ago.

“My plan is to help support business-minded young adults in the local area,” he explains, “by offering free tips and advice to those looking to follow an entrepreneurial path in life, hopefully inspiring a new generation of business leaders across the region in the process.”

Rahim Hassanally says there’s never been a better time to try to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in a new generation. “Amid uncertain economic times exacerbated by the ongoing global health crisis,” he said earlier this month, “now is the ideal moment to assist in hopefully catapulting local young men and women toward a bright and prosperous future as successful entrepreneurs.”

Entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally passed up a career in hospitality—the family business—instead embarking upon a work-study program offered by his local high school as a teen. Rahim Hassanally also later turned down an invitation to attend a prestigious law school, choosing instead to pursue his own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Elsewhere, keen philanthropist Rahim Hassanally is an outspoken advocate for cancer awareness. He’s also a frequent supporter of a number of local homeless shelters. “Passionate about promoting entrepreneurship, I’m now looking forward,” he adds, wrapping up, “to helping to inspire, and to nurture, a business-forward mindset in a new generation of what I hope will become future industry leaders.”